Moore Davis


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Annie Markham
January 27, 1887131Bell County, Tx.3September 21, 19843497
Arthur Boyd Markham
July 25, 1895123Holland, Bell County, TX.0January 8, 191310617Holland, Bell County, TX.
Audrey Lee Markham
August 26, 1909109Haskell, Haskell County, TX.7June 16, 19972187Stratford, TX.
Benjamin Franklin Markham
September 9, 1890128Holland, Bell County, TX.5November 9, 19694979Hereford, Deaf Smith County, Tx.
Berta Markham
December 10, 1903115Bell County, Tx.3March 19873183El Paso, Tx.
Carroll Markham
Charles F. Markham
July 24, 1901117Bell County, Tx.1October 29, 19566255
Clay Markham
April 16, 1906112Tx.2December 19, 19892983
Elaine Marguerite Markham
July 8, 193385Denver, Araphoe County, Colorado3December 6, 20011768Ukiah, California
Eleita Belle Markham
January 7, 193584San Francisco, Ca.1August 21, 19892954Fort Bragg, Ca.
Emily Jane Markham
about 1847172Sparta, Bienville Parish, la.1
Ernest William Markham
1902117Holland, Bell County, TX.5October 19655363Riverside, Ca.
Eugene Boyd Markham
June 25, 1915103Holland, Bell County, TX.0April 19952379
Frank Blair Markham
September 27, 192692Tulia, Tx.2October 9, 19803854Nevada, Mo.
George Jackson Markham
July 19, 1884134Holland, Bell County, TX.319259440Dallas, Tx.
Harold Cockran Markham
January 10, 192198Happy, Swisher County, TX.4December 7, 19873166Arizona
Ida Pearl Markham
September 14, 1882136Bell County, Tx.2March 9, 19467263Crowell, Foard County, TX.
James Markham
September 23, 1889129Bell County, Tx.0February 26, 190211612Bell County, Tx.
James C Markham
James Edward Markham
July 8, 1882136Holland, Bell County, TX.5April 30, 19586075Happy, Swisher County, TX.
James Monroe Markham
October 24, 1853
September 21, 1853
165Bienville Parish, Louisania
Sparta, Bienville Parish, Louisiana
11March 10, 19368282Tulia, Texas
James Murray Markham
June 22, 1909109Haskell, Haskell County, TX.1December 23, 20001891Haskell, Haskell County, TX.
James Walter Markham
August 12, 1912106Holland, Bell County, TX.2July 2, 19724659Iowa City, Iowa
John Bunyon Markham, Jr
1819200White County, Tennessee5February 1856
February 1856
16237Claiborne Parish, Louisania
Murdered in Minden, Louisiana. JBM was stabbed to death in 1856 by a D. J. Morris.
John Bunyon Markham, Sr.
1795224White County, Tenn.5December 7, 185816063Bossier Parish, LA.
John Bunyon Markham III
October 24, 1855163Sparta, Bienville Parish, La.9January 4, 19437687Dallas, Texas
John Bunyon Markham IV
November 14, 1878140Holland, Bell County, TX.419348555Holland, Bell County, TX.
John Calvin Markham
June 17, 1912106Holland, Bell County, TX.1January 19665353Cameron, Milam County, Tx.
Leata Christian Markham
August 22, 1906112Holland, Bell County, TX.3March 7, 19922685Hurst, Tx.
Leslie Maude Markham
December 20, 1910108Holland, Bell County, TX.0Dallas, Tx.
Mable Lucille Markham
April 24, 1908110Holland, Bell County, TX.019972288Dallas, Tx.
Margaret Starling Markham
September 1, 1880138Holland, Bell County, TX.3Bentonville, AR.
Mattie Bell Markham
April 20, 1901117Holland, Bell County, TX.0January 27, 191310511Holland, Bell County, TX.
Mattie Bell Markham
April 9, 1912106Holland, Bell County, TX.2August 5, 19803868San Antonio, TX.
Milton Malcolm Markham
July 23, 1910108Haskell, Haskell County, TX.0between 1928 and 19299117Happy, Swisher County, TX.
Mollie Markham
November 2, 1884134Bell County, Tx.1March 1, 19645479
Myrtle Frances Markham
September 5, 1892126Bell County, Tx.0November 14, 19724680Dallas, Tx.
Nannie Irene Markham
January 24, 192395Tulia, Tx.2January 7, 19724748
Nannie Julie Markham
February 7, 1898120Holland, Bell County, TX.0February 15, 18981200Holland, Bell County, TX.
Nimrod Markham
Permilia Ann Markham
1844175Noxubee County, Mississippi6
Pleasant B. Markham
about 18102090
Ralph Markham
June 26, 1909109Holland, Bell County, TX.0February 24, 19348424Holland, Bell County, TX.
Ruth Markham
September 14, 1902116Holland, Bell County, TX.0December 30, 191210610Holland, Bell County, TX.
Sallie Maude Markham
July 13, 1887131Holland, Bell County, TX.6
Sarah Louise Markham
June 30, 1880138Bell County, Tx.9July 5, 19487068Midland County, Texas
Tabitha Markham
December 21, 1851167Sparta, Bienville Parish, Louisiana.10February 2, 189712145Summer Mill, Bell County, TexasSeptember 3, 2015 - 4:53:08 a.m.
William Walter Markham
October 26, 1885133Holland, Bell County, TX.4